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Personally I'd never choose to go here again. Even though I was able to get a walk in appointment easily I think it's ridiculous for the price. I was charged £20 for a dry cut without a blow dry and sat in the chair for less than ten minutes. To add salt to the sting the hairdresser was pressing me to pay before I even saw the back of my hair, and kept asking me if I wanted a blow dry (which would've pushed the service up to £28) after saying no a number of times. The cut isn't awful but I've had better, and if you're in a super rush and have short or thin hair this might be a good place, but I didn't like the sneaky hidden cost (considering on their website it says it's £22 for a wash cut and blow dry and between £12-15 for a dry cut And I was charged £20 for a dry cut) and would much prefer going to a nicer salon where they take the time with your hair and pay attention and do a wash and blow dry as well for only £25.    15-08-18
Tags: over priced, pushy, rude, Rushed