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"Dear Dr. Soltani, Dear Dr. Voges, I am writing to you to thank you for having put back a smile on my face, as I suffered from severe ear pain for over a year, and you found the simple cause, a infected tooth. The UK health system has its merits, but it is not ideal, as with its strict separation of responsibilities and payment schemes, I was never told to visit a dentist. Twice I went with my ear-pain to my GP, once an infection was suspected, and with antibiotics and painkillers it stopped for some time, as we jointly guessed that it came from strong air conditioning, I also had a strong cold. The second time I was send to private ear specialists, who performed quite expensive tests, like a head MRI and blood test. A couple of thousand pounds later, paid by my private insurance, I had interesting 3 dimensional pictures of my brain, but still no reason for the returning ear-pains were found. Avoiding cold airflows helped, but still nobody had the insight to send me to a dentist. Anadin and Nurofen became my new best friends. I knew my teeth were in questionable shape, I neglected them for long time, but I had no real local pain. But after the ear-pains returned again this summer, I decided to visit you to check out my teeth. You quickly found out the likely cause, 30 minutes later the tooth was extracted and after some healing, the ear pains are now gone, I hope forever. I happily paid privately your bill of less then a dinner for 4, and would the UK insurance industry, the NHS, its GP and the private specialists, better promote and pay for regular visits to the dentist, private or NHS, its high costs like the MRI could be avoided. It is surely not all down to bad teeth, but it is often an obvious cause to start with checking. Thank you for putting back a smile on my face."   04-10-13
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