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Atrocious attitude. Was to carry out some major works to my vehicle, but when issues were pointed out to them which had been verified by two other mechanics (as it needed a workshop repair), they tested for the fault and were adamant that this fault was not present, I tried to explain that they may have missed it, and was met by a rude, arrogant and disrespectful response by the owner, I was speechless that he could be so rude! Anyway, the fault that was pointed out by the other two roadside mechanics, was present and needed fixing and the work went to another local garage as a result, they spotted it immediately and could not understand how JCF had missed it, as it was so apparently obvious. I understand that people make mistakes, but there was no need for that behaviour, and as a result I would not recommend this garage if you need to challenge them with the works that need soing, as they clearly do not like to be told!   05-03-14