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I had an hair appointment at Kingston head masters around the 1st Feb. And the lady that did my hair(Rachal) was the manager of the saloon, oh,I thought, great I can not go wrong here.But I was not prepared for what was to come.
I wanted my regrowth done,and some high and low light in the front.
All was well until my hair was washed after the colour, when the towel was removed ,I knew it was a disaster. I said it looks very bright, she replied do not worry its just the lights.
I could see the roots were not covered by the dye, and was still grey, and also the lights were so bright ,I looked like I had white hair.
Rachel got very aggressive when I told her its too bright etc.
She was very angry,i was quiet nervous at this stage as she was quiet loud.She said this what you asked for and she kept pulling at my hair.Her hairdryer was falling apart, and there was smoke coming from my hair.At no time did she ask me HOW would you like your hair blow dried.
She called another member of the team, that informed her she had not put the correct dye on the roots.So she asked me back the next week.
I did not go back, but I rang head office and told Rebecca the story, she was reluctant to refund, and was not helpful, in fact she made it sound it was my fault.
I have had some really bad experiences in headmasters, the staff sink their nails into your head when washing your hair, and if that does not get you the burning hot hairdryer on your scalp is sure to.
This lady (manager) has not a clue of customer service, rude person.
Thought I would share this experience with you.By the way I have been going to headmasters for 20years,but by far this was the worst.Time for a change I think.When you pay over a hundred pounds you do expect a service.
Ellen   08-02-17